Yogi Berra : A Quotable Man

Yogi Berra was known as an incredible baseball player during his life, but as we have seen, he was also a gifted golfer. In addition to these incredible talents, Yogi also had the gift of gab and was known for his outgoing and warm personality. Yogi had a tendency to say the profound, the hilarious and the oblivious – a trait that often kept his adoring fans at attention and a veritable media darling. Though¬†certain quotes became attributed to the talented baseball player over the years, he eventually addressed some of the myth versus the legend in a book that he published in 1998 called,¬†“The Yogi Book : I Really Didn’t Say Everything I said”. Whether or not the following Quotes came directly from Yogi himself or if they just became associated with him is difficult to discern, but these are some of the best Yogi Berra quotes around. And many are expressions commonly used today!