When Golf and Giving Meet on the Green

Adrian RubinWhile many golf enthusiasts are busy watching the RBC Canadian Open, or perhaps gearing up to follow the games from Quicken Loans National in Virginia next week, there is some exciting and heartening news on the local front. A story out of Marshfield, MA reflects an annual event that re-invigorates the level of game play and competition by including a charity in the mix. Over the past 15 years, the annual “WHO” or “Women Helping Others” Golf Outing has raised over $53,000 in funds that go entirely to local charities that aid both women and families. Although the specific charities that are sponsored by the proceeds from this event vary, that focus on women and families remains unchanging every year.


The Marshfield Home Delivered Meals Program

This year’s tournament will go to contributing the Marshfield Home Delivered Meals Program. This food delivery program was established back in 1986 and has continued to expand every subsequent year. The Marshfield Home Delivered Meals Program provides hot and nutritious meals to those in the community that are unable to shop and/or cook for themselves. The program delivers food to this population seven days a week, and has even added the option of a bagged lunch meal to their offerings.  Through donations provided by the United Way, various grants and local donations, the Marshfield HOme Delivered Meals Program has been able to establish a scholarship fund that provides assistance through reducing delivery costs for people in low income brackets. This year’s Women Helping Others Golf Outing will donate all proceeds to this cause, hopefully offsetting the projected $3,000 shortfall of the organization for 2015.


The 16th annual outing will take place next Tuesday, July 28th at RiverEdge Golf Course in Marshfield, MA. It’s an 18-hole scramble that begins fairly early in the morning. In addition to the scramble, the event will include, prizes, raffles, a river shoot and all kinds of side activities. The entry rules also say that those planning to donate non-perishable food items or personal hygiene products can receive up to 2 mulligans. Although this event didn’t make national headlines by any means, it is a great example of what can happen when you take a great game or passion and find a way to add another dimension to it for the benefit of others. While this may be speculation, many of the people planning to participate in the event would do so whether or not the charitable aspect was included because from all indicators it looks like a great day of golf. However, the fact that this is an enjoyable event that provides fun for those golfers that day, the event takes it even further, by generating income for a cause that serves the greater community of this town in Massachusetts. To learn more about the event, please see this link.