Top 3 Rookie Mistakes

adrian rubinAs is the case with any skill or sport, to become an expert requires practice, discipline and some talent. For those of us that aren’t immediate “naturals” most skills take time to develop or strengthen. That means that we will make mistakes, suffer losses and of course have a few victories thrown in there every now and then. Many mistakes are unavoidable -especially when starting out, and can in fact be beneficial to our own growth within a sport. When you make an egregious error, you know immediately what you need to practice, or what rules you need to pay attention to . However, there are some myths and mistakes in golf that tend to effect newcomers to the game. While, individually the impact might not be great, together , these errors can cause a serious handicap for the novice. So instead of suffering through needless errors, consider the following list for mistakes worth avoiding .

#1 Who plays first?

Many newbies believe that a golfer who isn’t on the green has to play a shot before the golfer who is on the green. In truth, however, the player farthest from the hole is always entitled to play first – no matter who is or is not on the green . However, there is no penalty for playing out of order. And keep in mind that  during match play, your opponent can make you replay your shot if you don’t wait your turn.

#2 Is a Ball Fall Fail a Stroke?

 Inexperienced golfers think that if a ball is touched then falls off the tee after it has been addressed counts as a stroke. However, generally speaking, this doesn’t count as a stroke and the ball should be re-teed with no penalty. Buy remember that this does counts as a stroke if the ball had already been in play, or if you were making a stroke when the ball fell off the tee.

# 3 Can you hit a provisional before searching for a drowning ball?Some amateurs mistakenly believe that if you hit a ball into the water hazard, then you can immediately hit a replacement before trying to retrieve the first one.  In truth, however, if you’re positive that your ball is in a water hazard, you’re not allowed to hit the provisional ball. The following shot you hit is recognized as a ball in play (with a penalty stroke). However, if you think your ball might be outside the hazard, then you’re allowed to hit the provisional. If it turns out that your ball is in the hazard, you must abandon the provisional.

While some of these rules may seem somewhat complicated or counter-intuitive, this is how you should be playing if you want to advance .