Golf, VR and You

Adrian Rubin GolfGolf Company, TaylorMade recently grabbed headlines when they launched their newest campaign to promote the company’s new PSi irons. TaylorMade created an interactive experience that allows fans to join pro-golfers on the green and play, using their most recent product. While at first glance, this idea may not seem revolutionary, but the way that TaylorMade has opted to share these videos is what differentiates this campaign from others. This content  has been released  as a series of 360-degree Virtual Reality (VR) videos. The pros featured in these videos include Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia. 

TaylorMade  is a division of TaylorMade-adidas Golf, and according to the brand’s senior global brand director, Mark Buntz the initial VR initiative featuring the company’s newest product aims to capture a demographic of seasoned golfers with a handicap ranging from 0-6 .

While this may not seem like the wisest idea considering that this is a very limited segment of the golfing population as a whole, Buntz contends that these players have the power to influence others. He suggests that their talent may have sway over the rest of the population and almost act as ambassadors to this new product and marketing tactic. 

Another point of contention may suggest that by releasing this content in a form intended to be consumed as VR many people will be excluded. In truth, however, the content is available on a number of platforms.

Fans of this new campaign and product have the option of watching these videos on their phones, VR devices , YouTube360 and on PSi’s landing page.

Those starring in this new content seem excited by the possibilities of this new software,  and all involved with the project are pleased with the likelihood that this sort of content will appeal to a whole new generation of golfers.

Considering that a lower interest in the sport has been plaguing the industry in recent years, it seems that this new marketing tactic and use of VR and gaming is a great way to pull in young people. And from the perspective of the brand this is a way to pull in new consumers while contributing to the overall health and legacy of the sport.