The Best Golf Quotes of All Time

What is the game of golf without a little fun. Some of these athletes that have played this game for decades have acquired the sort of attitude and expertise on the game that we expect a C-level executive to have acquired at his company. Athletics as well as any other business is about trusting in your training and improving on your mistakes. If an athlete focuses too much on the mistakes that they’ve made, then there will be no room for concentration on the play at hand.

One of the biggest mistakes any athlete can make are mental mistakes. Having the appropriate mentality is crucial to any sport. You train, you go out on the golf course, and you trust your training. Short term memory is vital in this sport because it’s so easy to get upset and get your head out of the game. Focus begins with mental preparation and ends after every shot. Golf is filled with failures, and some of the best golfers (and any athlete or businessman) learn from those failures and are able to move past them.

This is a long winded statement for the slideshare I will be posting below, but the point is that throughout their tenure, professional golfers have been able to create some quotes that are wiser than words and show that their head is in the right place when it comes to the game of golf.