The Hidden Dangers of Golf Carts

A company in Nashville has recently put a spin on your typical use for a go cart. The company known as, “Joyride” gives tours and rides to people around the city for free (plus tip for the driver). The company describes its service as a unique way to “meet new and interesting people” as the driver or the passenger. Additionally, the service

According to the company website, “All of our drivers are independent contractors who are required to carry an “F” for-hire, endorsement”. The site goes on to claim that each driver is, “personally trained for safety and company procedures.” However, the company recently lost face when one of the golf carts flipped. While there were no casualties associated with the accident, the passenger sustained injuries that left her with nerve damage, and a leg that is partially and permanently numb. While spokespeople for Joyride focused on the number of rides they give per year that have gone accident-free, this accident certainly highlights something very important…golf cart safety.

Golf carts are meant to be low speed and are not necessarily all terrain vehicles in the truest sentse of the word (depending on the make and model), so it is very easy for these vehicles to flip if the driver is going too fast or attempting terrain that’s not great for the vehicle. In light of this I thought it would be worth it to share a few safety tips about golf cart safety through the video below.