FootGolf in Action

While it can be difficult and sometimes downright impossible to explain the sport of footgolf to the uninitiated in a way that doesn’t make it sound completely ridiculous, witnessing the sport in action can give some credibility to this new craze sweeping the nation. In the US alone, the American Foot Golf League has already accredited golf courses in forty eight states as suitable grounds for footgolfers to enjoy their newly found passion.

The video below explains the sport in the context of footgolf as a great outlet in the world of youth sports. Traditional golf and soccer coaches are pleased at the rise in this interesting new sport as a side effect may include an increase in the sports of soccer and golf for those who have never played before.

Golf Meet Soccer, Soccer Meet Golf. Hello FootGolf

Adrian RubinWhile many of us golf aficionados are sticklers for the rules and etiquette of the game, it’s always exciting to see new ways that people like to try and turn the sport on its head. Most recently a story emerged out of Wichita, Kansas discussing the new trend that is sweeping the country. A sport that combines elements of two classics. Footgolf is now emerging as the perfect sport for those athletes that cannot choose between soccer and golf. Since the beginning of 2014, the number of officially accredited courses for the sport have spiked from a mere 22 to  a whopping 432. These numbers are absolutely staggering when you consider how difficult and almost silly it can be when trying to explain the sport. In spite of the seemingly absurd premise, the League has accredited courses in 48 states. The numbers don’t lie, something must be working when it comes to this new sport.

The Rules

As the name suggests, the sport is quite similar to golf, but of course there are just enough differences to classify it as a new sport! The objective is the same as that found in golf – to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible. However, in this case, the player is using a soccer ball and trying to kick it into the 21” hole. Typically, an 18 hole footgolf course can squeeze into the parameters of a nine hole golf course. While the simple explanation may not seem all that captivating, it is a dynamic take on both golf and soccer and provides a bit more action than your typical golf gain and more control and focus than your average game of soccer. To learn more about the American FootGolf League, visit their site here.


FootGolf – Who’s in Charge?

Although Footgolf has seen  a marked uptick across the US in the past two years, it is in fact a game that is played all over the world in a variety of forms with rules that can vary. However, the Federation for International FootGolf , also known as “FIFG” oversees and regulates the official sport rules. Locally in the United States however, the American FootGolf League or AFGL is the sole regulatory member based in this country as recognized by FIFG. Obviously the AFGL has been hard at work over the past couple of years as this governing body organizes tournaments all over the country in cooperation with golf courses.

It’s a very exciting time for this emerging sport and many of those who play the sport are devoted followers who compare taking up this new sport now to getting involved with Apple in 1987. They are completely convinced that it is the next big thing. While only time will tell, footgolf is certainly worth giving a shot now.