Watch the Wedge : Top 5 Golf Wedges

Adrian Rubin GolfAs we have already discussed, arming yourself with the proper tools for the game is critical if you want to ensure that you are playing at the height of your abilities. While you never want to depend on the quality of your instruments or equipment as the basis of your talent, it is important to showcase your strengths by using the proper gear.

While most well made equipment tends to be expensive, always keep in mind that there are ways of finding quality gear and not paying a lot for it. The game of golf carries the stigma of being exclusive in all ways. And that is terrible. The sport has so many benefits and should be accessible to anyone interested in picking up the sport. And if the cost of getting new clubs is prohibitive… get creative.

Can you rent clubs? Can you split the cost of a nice set of clubs with your friends who also want to learn? Can you look in the paper or online for some tag sales. Make sure to go to second hand shops or look on Craigslist or other community forums that could have a set of clubs. Even if those clubs aren’t the best of the best, they will provide a chance for you to get comfortable with the game before investing too much money upfront in the game.

Additionally, you would be surprised at the quality of golf clubs that you can find at tag sales and estate sales. Even if you’re not into antiquing or vintage shopping generally, this is a mission worth accepting. When looking for wedges those listed below are currently the top of the line, but if you’re looking at slightly used irons, just stick with the classic brands, don’t worry about how old they are, just pay attention to their condition. If you find anything from; Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Nike, Cleveland/ Sixiron, Mizuno, Adams, Odyssey, Ping or Cobra and it’s in good condition… get it! Now, onto the wedges.

Callaway Mack Daddy 2/Tour Grind

The MackDaddy features deeper and sharper grooves than any other model from the brand in the past. This design feature enables greater spin and more control. A winner all around.

Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0

The 588 RTX offers versatility. It has 3 sole grinds and an incredible eighteen loft options, so based on probability at least one of these combinations will work wonders for you.

Mizuno MP-T5

Not only is Mizuno a great brand all around, but this particular wedge will offer you excellent control when it comes to determining the spin-particularly on shorter hots.  There’s also a great selection when it comes to bounce options at different lofts.

Ping Glide

Ping knew what they were doing when they designed this model. With the glide you have more potential for spin while simultaneously having more control of your spin. Thanks, Ping!

Titleist Vokey Design

Titleist, always a crowd favorite, offers 21 loft and bounce combos with 6 options when it comes to sole grinds. What’s not to love?