An Attempted Modernization of Golf

Andrew Rubin PXG GolfGolf has taken a bit of a tumble over the last decade with numbers on the decline, as the sport is having trouble catering to new emerging markets. A startup company, Parsons Xtreme Golf is looking to redefine some of that market, by shaking up the sport a bit. You might know the founder of PXG, Bob Parsons, as he was also the founder of GoDaddy.

The PXG brand recently got a new spokeswoman in Anna Rawson, the LPGA player/model/Colombia Business School Graduate. She was also a GoDaddy girl, prompting the marketing question, is Parson’s at it again? That’s right, just like with GoDaddy, Parson’s is trying to market his company with sexuality as the front-runner.

In an effort to modernize the sport of Golf, Rawson has made statements reguarding the re-branding of the entire sport. Where golf is seen as a bit antiquated in it traditions, PXG is attempting to revitalize the industry to cater to a younger market.

Golf has been declining over the years partly because of the lack of youth participation. It is a game that requires money, patients, and folling the rules by the book – something that today’s youth lacks in. A lot of golf courses in America have been forced to go bankrupt because they haven’t been able to attract new customers, and the land is simply too expensive.

What’s happening now is an attempt to revitalize the sport in some fashion to attract more guests.  Ideas have been thrown around and implemented such as making the holes bigger, or adding more traps that lead to increased strategy and preparation. Golfing ranges have added big flashing targets and lights to aesthetically improve the game.

Golf isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I love golf, and I know that people after me will too. The market for the sport is on the decline, and with the help of unit economics, we should see changes in the sport in the near future.