Finding Time For Your Golf Game

Adrian RubinWe all feel it. Whether you are just starting your career, or are at the height of it. We are all working constantly, and the pace of our daily lives is probably the fastest that it has ever been. In addition to finding ourselves in a perpetual state of  being busy, today’s advances in technology mean that we are constantly plugged in to this frenetic pace. While this can certainly be advantageous for many of us, this can also make the separation between a professional and a personal life that much more challenging.

Work. Life. Balance?

Nowadays we have to consciously choose to put up boundaries between these two parts of ourselves. Even when we establish this separation between our home lives and personal lives, finding time  for things that we love can still prove to be very challenging. It’s easy to let personal hobbies and interests slide to the bottom of our to do lists when there are so many other things that we feel we need to accomplish before heading back to the office.

Making Time for You

Whether it’s paying taxes, buying groceries, cooking dinner, or running other mundane errands, it’s too easy to push things that are truly important to us, like playing golf or painting to the bottom of our priorities. And while taxes and groceries are of course important, and necessary, it’s equally critical that you find a way to schedule in time for your past times like golf.

Below are my top 3 tips for creating more time for activities that you love (like golf) through better time management skills.

1. Identify the top 2-3 tasks that you must complete each day. And start with these. Make a point to accomplish these things first. Once you finish these tasks, be realistic about the fact that the rest of the tasks are non-essential, so you can have guilt-free time outside of that to devote to golf.

2. Say “no”. People are always going to request that you take on more responsibility, particularly if you are known for producing good work. While this is a great sign, you have to learn how to say ‘no’ so that you are creating enough space for yourself to complete the tasks that you have identified as important for that day.

3. Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep (7 to 8 hours), drink lots of water, eat healthy foods and make time to exercise. These are non-negotiables. If you are not treating yourself well, you will be less productive and effective at work.

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