Mastering Your Game : Drivers

adrian rubinWhat is it that makes a painter great? Is it his or her canvas? Is it the quality of his or her paint? Is it the saturation of the colors or perhaps the learned techniques of studying at a prestigious institution or under the direction of a master painter? The likely answer is no. Instead it’s the creativity, the passion, the composition and the subject matter that makes for the compelling work and professional career of a true painter. However, all of those other elements are tools that enhance, incubate and showcase raw talent. Without high quality tools, a vision may not be properly executed, or others may not notice the beauty of the piece. While it doesn’t make or break the talent behind the piece, the proper tools can provide the extra edge that any young artist needs in order to get pushed forward.

“But what does this painterly metaphor have to do with golf?” you might ask, skeptical of my response. In truth this scenario draws a direct parallel with a golfer and his or her equipment. While spending a lot of money on fancy golf accoutrement will by no means make you a better golfer if it is not the game for you, you will notice a series of incremental advantages based on how you choose to equip yourself.

While each individual item may not contribute significantly to your overall performance alone, When added to your constantly improving game, you are allowing your best self to play with no impediments. In some cases, it’s true, you will have to spend a bit of extra capitol to get the best version of whatever it is you’re looking for. In other cases a little bit of cash and a lot of ingenuity can go a long way. In the case of golf clubs, the drivers listed below are indisputably the best in the game right now.


Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815

What is it that makes this driver so amazing? Customization. This driver is incredibly versatile and sueper adjustable and comes with numerous settings in order to optimize your spin. It will set you back $450 to $500 depending on the model.

Cobra Fly-Z

Not only does this driver have a thrilling name, but the product itself lives up to its namesake.

The cobra fly-z comes equipped with internal design that is light and functional. It also includes an 8-way adjustable hosel. Overall a great driver for stability and adding height to your stroke. Costs around $330.

Callaway XR/XR Pro

Callaway engineers are AMAZING at enhancing the aerodynamics found in a driver. A large part of this is due to how they work the crown. Additionally, the design is much lighter than it’s competitors, a great addition to any golfer’s collection. And the price ranges from $350 to $400.