Picking the Right Golf Shoes For You

Adrian Rubin Golf ShoesWhile picking the right pair of golf shoes for you may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised by how many golfers either have to return their shoes after one use or let a perfectly good pair collect dust in the bottom of their closets. Finding the right fit in your golf shoes is important, as blisters, calluses and slipping are not only annoying, but can also be dangerous for the player. Additionally, the right pair of golf shoes offers an extra level of support and comfort – which can help you play better…particularly around the 17th hole! When purchasing a new pair of golf shoes, consider the following when looking for the right fit.

The first thing to consider when looking at golf shoes is the intention. Why are you buying these? Is it to look cool or like you belong? Is it to support your ankles which have a tendency to roll? Is it to ensure that you have some extra grip for more treacherous courses? Or is it some combination of all of the above? No matter what the reason is, keep this in mind when making your selection.

What’s the Material?

Knowing the intention behind your footwear will help you start with choosing the material. Leather, synthetic leather, gore-tex and polyester are all commonly used materials when it comes to golf shoes. T

he material should fall in line with your reasons for purchasing the shoes. Make sure that you get a real sense of how the material choice does or does not align with your goals. Conversely, don’t let the salesperson sell you false promises on a material just because it has a higher price. Do your research before you go to the store!

No (Metal) Spikes Allowed!

When it comes to spikes, most shoes are no longer made with metal spikes, but instead rely on plastic. This is primarily because many golf courses don’t allow metal spikes because they damage the green, but I suspect that it is also more cost-effective to manufacture plastic spikes. Consider if this really matters to you. Find out what the rules are where you play most frequently, and decide whether or not this will truly help your game.

Finding the Right Footwear for You

Shoes, Boots, Sandals – today there are a variety of options when it comes to footwear in the golf world. Take some time exploring your options, and really consider what makes the most sense given how often and where you play.


While it’s important to look at the other factors listed above (as well as the price point) I truly believe that how your shoe fits is by far the most important thing when it comes to getting a new pair of golf shoes. When trying on shoes, make sure that you are wearing the socks that you would normally wear when golfing. Once you put the shoes on, walk around for five or ten minutes, and take a few practice swings. This may seem excessive, but few things are more uncomfortable than wearing an ill-fitting pair of shoes…especially when you have to walk across the golf course. If something doesn’t feel quite right…put it back immediately! This problem will only get worse. I recommend that you go to a pro-golf shop for fit…even if you want to do some comparative research on pricing.

Finding the perfect pair of golf shoes can be a somewhat time-consuming process, but in the end it is worth it.



Improve your Game Today : Watch Caddyshack

Ok, so maybe this is a little bit of a stretch, but stress relief is one of the many reasons that people play golf. Regularly relieving stress and tension is a necessary ingredient to living a healthy and productive life no matter what industry you work in. With that in mind, I suggest that if you can’t make it to the green, take some time to re-watch one of the most classic golf films there is, Caddyshack.

There’s a reason that this film has withstood the test of time, and that’s because it’s just funny. Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfiel and Chevy Chase both hit their comedic strides in their performances and the movie will have you laughing uncontrollably throughout. Below you can take a peek at the original trailer for the movie.

Golfers on the Rise

While every season provides golf enthusiasts with a new batch of young hopefuls looking to establish their professional careers in the golf world, only the elite few will truly live out their dreams as pro golfers. And this season is no different. Below are some of the top professional golfers around who are already displaying immense amounts of talent and potential when it comes to the present and future status of their golf game.

 Brooks Koepka

This 25 year old pro golfer is ranked within the top 30 according to the Official World Golf ranking system, and it’s no surprise that he chose to pursue a route other than that typical of his young cohorts. Koepka decideded to get a lmainstay status on the PGA Tour by initiating his pprofessinoanl career on the European Challenge Tjour and later the European Golf Tour. This is an atypical path for young american golfers, but his track record has shown that this was a wise decision on Koepka’s part.

adrian rubinRickie Fowler 

This 27 year old has steadily been on the rise since 2007 when he was ranked as the number one amateur golfer internationally. Since then, however, Rick has risen in rankings to 5th in the world in professional golf as of this past summer according to the Official World Golf :Ranking after her won the Scottish Open.

adrian rubin Victor Dubuisson

25 year old Victor Dubuisson is a professional golfer, who has been watched for years. This young frenchman is known for his highly skilled work as seen on the European Tour. During his amateur career, he enjoyed major wins throughout. And as he turned pro, would continue to see some successful outcomes in his game.


adrian rubinCheyenne Woods

As the niece of golf prodigy Tiger Woods, it’s no surprise that Cheyenne Woods has already made a huge name for herself in the world of golf. This Arizona native was first coached by her grandfather (Tiger’s dad), and since then she has never stopped playing. As a professional, Cheyenne has more than two major wins to her belt.

adrian rubin justin thomasJustin Thomas

After turning pro in 2013, this 22 year old would go on to win a number of accolades in the field. In 2015 alone, Thomas earned 7 top-tens and fifteen top-twenty fives. His most notable wins that season were two fourth place finishes at the Quicken Loans National and Sanderson Farms Championship


Finding Time For Your Golf Game

Adrian RubinWe all feel it. Whether you are just starting your career, or are at the height of it. We are all working constantly, and the pace of our daily lives is probably the fastest that it has ever been. In addition to finding ourselves in a perpetual state of  being busy, today’s advances in technology mean that we are constantly plugged in to this frenetic pace. While this can certainly be advantageous for many of us, this can also make the separation between a professional and a personal life that much more challenging.

Work. Life. Balance?

Nowadays we have to consciously choose to put up boundaries between these two parts of ourselves. Even when we establish this separation between our home lives and personal lives, finding time  for things that we love can still prove to be very challenging. It’s easy to let personal hobbies and interests slide to the bottom of our to do lists when there are so many other things that we feel we need to accomplish before heading back to the office.

Making Time for You

Whether it’s paying taxes, buying groceries, cooking dinner, or running other mundane errands, it’s too easy to push things that are truly important to us, like playing golf or painting to the bottom of our priorities. And while taxes and groceries are of course important, and necessary, it’s equally critical that you find a way to schedule in time for your past times like golf.

Below are my top 3 tips for creating more time for activities that you love (like golf) through better time management skills.

1. Identify the top 2-3 tasks that you must complete each day. And start with these. Make a point to accomplish these things first. Once you finish these tasks, be realistic about the fact that the rest of the tasks are non-essential, so you can have guilt-free time outside of that to devote to golf.

2. Say “no”. People are always going to request that you take on more responsibility, particularly if you are known for producing good work. While this is a great sign, you have to learn how to say ‘no’ so that you are creating enough space for yourself to complete the tasks that you have identified as important for that day.

3. Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep (7 to 8 hours), drink lots of water, eat healthy foods and make time to exercise. These are non-negotiables. If you are not treating yourself well, you will be less productive and effective at work.

To see a collection of tools and services that promote effective time management skills, visit my collection here.

Ironing Out the Kinks in your Swing

Now that you have had the chance to improve the quality of your golf clubs and equipment without spending an arm and a leg, let’s focus on improving your form and your swing. Ideally this is something that you are already practicing and are continuing to perfect, the video below does a great job hitting the major points of what goes into an excellent golf swing. And it also notes the fact that even if you have been playing for a while, it’s easy to pick up some bad habits or mistake one thing (like good rhythm) for another (a good swing). So put aside your ego for just a few moments, and take a moment to reflect on the discussion brought out in the video below.


Watch the Wedge : Top 5 Golf Wedges

Adrian Rubin GolfAs we have already discussed, arming yourself with the proper tools for the game is critical if you want to ensure that you are playing at the height of your abilities. While you never want to depend on the quality of your instruments or equipment as the basis of your talent, it is important to showcase your strengths by using the proper gear.

While most well made equipment tends to be expensive, always keep in mind that there are ways of finding quality gear and not paying a lot for it. The game of golf carries the stigma of being exclusive in all ways. And that is terrible. The sport has so many benefits and should be accessible to anyone interested in picking up the sport. And if the cost of getting new clubs is prohibitive… get creative.

Can you rent clubs? Can you split the cost of a nice set of clubs with your friends who also want to learn? Can you look in the paper or online for some tag sales. Make sure to go to second hand shops or look on Craigslist or other community forums that could have a set of clubs. Even if those clubs aren’t the best of the best, they will provide a chance for you to get comfortable with the game before investing too much money upfront in the game.

Additionally, you would be surprised at the quality of golf clubs that you can find at tag sales and estate sales. Even if you’re not into antiquing or vintage shopping generally, this is a mission worth accepting. When looking for wedges those listed below are currently the top of the line, but if you’re looking at slightly used irons, just stick with the classic brands, don’t worry about how old they are, just pay attention to their condition. If you find anything from; Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Nike, Cleveland/ Sixiron, Mizuno, Adams, Odyssey, Ping or Cobra and it’s in good condition… get it! Now, onto the wedges.

Callaway Mack Daddy 2/Tour Grind

The MackDaddy features deeper and sharper grooves than any other model from the brand in the past. This design feature enables greater spin and more control. A winner all around.

Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0

The 588 RTX offers versatility. It has 3 sole grinds and an incredible eighteen loft options, so based on probability at least one of these combinations will work wonders for you.

Mizuno MP-T5

Not only is Mizuno a great brand all around, but this particular wedge will offer you excellent control when it comes to determining the spin-particularly on shorter hots.  There’s also a great selection when it comes to bounce options at different lofts.

Ping Glide

Ping knew what they were doing when they designed this model. With the glide you have more potential for spin while simultaneously having more control of your spin. Thanks, Ping!

Titleist Vokey Design

Titleist, always a crowd favorite, offers 21 loft and bounce combos with 6 options when it comes to sole grinds. What’s not to love?

Mastering Your Game : Drivers

adrian rubinWhat is it that makes a painter great? Is it his or her canvas? Is it the quality of his or her paint? Is it the saturation of the colors or perhaps the learned techniques of studying at a prestigious institution or under the direction of a master painter? The likely answer is no. Instead it’s the creativity, the passion, the composition and the subject matter that makes for the compelling work and professional career of a true painter. However, all of those other elements are tools that enhance, incubate and showcase raw talent. Without high quality tools, a vision may not be properly executed, or others may not notice the beauty of the piece. While it doesn’t make or break the talent behind the piece, the proper tools can provide the extra edge that any young artist needs in order to get pushed forward.

“But what does this painterly metaphor have to do with golf?” you might ask, skeptical of my response. In truth this scenario draws a direct parallel with a golfer and his or her equipment. While spending a lot of money on fancy golf accoutrement will by no means make you a better golfer if it is not the game for you, you will notice a series of incremental advantages based on how you choose to equip yourself.

While each individual item may not contribute significantly to your overall performance alone, When added to your constantly improving game, you are allowing your best self to play with no impediments. In some cases, it’s true, you will have to spend a bit of extra capitol to get the best version of whatever it is you’re looking for. In other cases a little bit of cash and a lot of ingenuity can go a long way. In the case of golf clubs, the drivers listed below are indisputably the best in the game right now.


Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815

What is it that makes this driver so amazing? Customization. This driver is incredibly versatile and sueper adjustable and comes with numerous settings in order to optimize your spin. It will set you back $450 to $500 depending on the model.

Cobra Fly-Z

Not only does this driver have a thrilling name, but the product itself lives up to its namesake.

The cobra fly-z comes equipped with internal design that is light and functional. It also includes an 8-way adjustable hosel. Overall a great driver for stability and adding height to your stroke. Costs around $330.

Callaway XR/XR Pro

Callaway engineers are AMAZING at enhancing the aerodynamics found in a driver. A large part of this is due to how they work the crown. Additionally, the design is much lighter than it’s competitors, a great addition to any golfer’s collection. And the price ranges from $350 to $400.


Golf, VR and You

Adrian Rubin GolfGolf Company, TaylorMade recently grabbed headlines when they launched their newest campaign to promote the company’s new PSi irons. TaylorMade created an interactive experience that allows fans to join pro-golfers on the green and play, using their most recent product. While at first glance, this idea may not seem revolutionary, but the way that TaylorMade has opted to share these videos is what differentiates this campaign from others. This content  has been released  as a series of 360-degree Virtual Reality (VR) videos. The pros featured in these videos include Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia. 

TaylorMade  is a division of TaylorMade-adidas Golf, and according to the brand’s senior global brand director, Mark Buntz the initial VR initiative featuring the company’s newest product aims to capture a demographic of seasoned golfers with a handicap ranging from 0-6 .

While this may not seem like the wisest idea considering that this is a very limited segment of the golfing population as a whole, Buntz contends that these players have the power to influence others. He suggests that their talent may have sway over the rest of the population and almost act as ambassadors to this new product and marketing tactic. 

Another point of contention may suggest that by releasing this content in a form intended to be consumed as VR many people will be excluded. In truth, however, the content is available on a number of platforms.

Fans of this new campaign and product have the option of watching these videos on their phones, VR devices , YouTube360 and on PSi’s landing page.

Those starring in this new content seem excited by the possibilities of this new software,  and all involved with the project are pleased with the likelihood that this sort of content will appeal to a whole new generation of golfers.

Considering that a lower interest in the sport has been plaguing the industry in recent years, it seems that this new marketing tactic and use of VR and gaming is a great way to pull in young people. And from the perspective of the brand this is a way to pull in new consumers while contributing to the overall health and legacy of the sport.



One More Reason to Golf : POTUS on the Green

As if the mental, physical and emotional nirvana that usually accompanies a day on the green wasn’t enough of a reason to persuade you to start playing the game, this weekend added another reason to the list. If you’re lucky, you may get the chance to play with the President of the United States. Although the next story made local headlines in San Diego because of what President Obama decided to do once he finished playing golf, the point is, he had just been playing golf. So if you are on the fence about picking up this new sport – or considering getting married on a golf course, perhaps this story will sway you to just say yes!

Top 3 Golf-Injuries

adrian rubin golf injuryAs a golf enthusiast, it pains me to even bring up the potential downsides of the game. However, in order to combat one of these potential problem areas, I think that sharing this will equip players with the knowledge and ability to avoid or immediately correct potential pitfalls.

Although golf is often thought of as  a very passive sport, it is still very much physical activity. And much like any other physical feats that may seem more active outwardly, people still run the risk of injury when playing golf if they do not properly prepare and adequately address injuries as they may come up.

Below you will find the 3 most common injuries or physical areas of vulnerability that can often come from playing golf, as well well as ways to avoid or remedy these injuries.

Every year, roughly fifteen to twenty percent of golfers report injury. And while many will tell you that golf comes with a number of other potential areas of injury, the list below includes three of the most common complaints of injury from those who play golf regularly.

1. Back Pain

Unfortunately, improper form can lead to a very pointed or dull lower back pain. Even if your form is perfect, you are still risking lower back pain every time that you step out on the green because golf requires so much repetition in the swing. The best way to prevent this is to build up core strength and to work on stability and balance exercise. Building up your core means that your low back won’t be responsible for shouldering the weight of your back and repetitive movement. Instead your back will receive assistance in supporting the rest of your frame. Additionally, pay attention to your golf swing. Form is key, and swinging wrong can lead to tweaking your lower back or chronic pain. If you suffer from lower back pain, see a specialist.

2. Knee Pain

The rotation involved with your swing, coupled with the walking over the course can lead to wear and tear on your knees. To prevent this, make sure to build up the larger muscles surrounding your knees including the hamstrings and quads, and provide support to your knees.

3. Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s Elbow is a condition that describes when the tendons of your forearm are inflamed and swollen. Not surprisingly this is caused by gripping and swinging. To prevent this, make sure to stretch your wrists regularly. And if you are afflicted – rest and ice it.